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Star Anise Whole/ Cut/ Powder/ Cracked
Star Anise Whole/ Cut/ Powder/ Cracked
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Star Anise Whole/ Cut/ Powder/ Cracked

Star Anise, a pillar ingredient in Chinese cooking, is one of the main flavors in Chinese five-spice powder. In Vietnamese cuisine, Star Anise is part of the well-known soup. Our Star Anise comes from Guangxi Province, famous for its quality. There’re two harvest seasons for this item, spring and autumn. We, a professional botanical extract supplier, generally work with Autumn harvest because quality is much better, and with good shape, better color and flavor, compared to the spring harvest, because the fruits grow longer time. 

Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Organic Star Anise

  • Product Name: Star Anise Whole
  • Botanical Name :Illicium Verum
  • Used Plant Part: Fruit
  • Appearance: Dark Brown Whole Fruit
  • Active Ingredients: Silymarin, Silybin
  • Application: Food
  • Certification and Qualification: USDA NOP, Vegan
Organic Star Anise Available Specification

Organic Star Anise Available Specification

  • Organic/Conventional Star Anise Powder

  • Organic/Conventional Star Anise Whole

  • Organic/Conventional Star Anise Tea Bag Cut

  • Organic/Conventional Star Anise Cracked

Organic Star Anise Benefits

Organic Star Anise Benefits

Improve Immune System

The antibacterial effects of star anise are widely researched and well known, and it is known to have been used to treat bacterial infections of the stomach and other parts of the body for centuries. Perhaps most importantly, this spice appears to be effective against several antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, making it very valuable to the pharmaceutical industry. 

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