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Organic Brocolli Powder
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Organic Brocolli Powder

Speak of Broccoli, most of people will think of ‘anti-cancer’. As a vegetable, Broccoli is widely recognized by people for its anti-cancer effect, which is scientifically based. It contains a compound called sulforaphane which helps fight against cancers. Organic Broccoli Powder is nutrient-rich and full of fiber. The brocolli powder is a great source of calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, chromium and folate and is sodium and fat-free. 

Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Organic Broccoli Powder

  • Product Name: Organic Broccoli Powder
  • Botanical Name :Brassica Oleracea
  • Used Plant Part: Floret
  • Appearance: Fine Green Powder
  • Active Ingredients: Dietary fibre, Vitamin C and Vitamin K
  • Application: Function Food, Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition
  • Certification and Qualification: USDA NOP, HALAL, KOSHER, Vegan
Organic Broccoli Powder Available Specification

Organic Broccoli Powder Available Specification

  • Organic Broccoli Powder/Broccoli Powder

Organic Broccoli Powder Benefits

Organic Broccoli Powder Benefits

Great for dieting

Low in carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fibre, an excellent substitute to help with your weight loss goals

Organic Broccoli Powder Benefits

Vitamin Rich

An excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K

Help fight diseases

Help fight high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

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