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Rose Hip Extract
ACE Biotechnology

Rose Hip Extract

Rose Hip Extract is made from the fruits that usually develop after the bloom has died. It is suggested that Rose Hip can relieve some symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Rose Hip Extract

  • Product Name: Rose Hip Extract
  • Botanical Name :Rosa Canina
  • Used Plant Part: Fruit
  • Appearance: Fine Yellow to Reddish Brown Powder
  • Active Ingredients: Polyphenols
  • Application: Function Food & Beverage, Animal Feed, Cosmetic & Personal Care
  • Certification and Qualification: Non-GMO, Vegan, HALAL, KOSHER.
Rose Hip Extract Available Specification

Rose Hip Extract Available Specification

  • Rose Hip Extract 4:1

  • Rose Hip Extract 6:1

  • Rose Hip Extract Polyphenols 20%

  • Customized

Rose Hip Extract Benefits

Rose Hip Extract Benefits

Relieve pain caused from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

The polyphenols and anthocyanins in Rose Hip Extract can help ease joint inflammation and prevent joint damage.

Rose Hip Extract Benefits

Act as an powerful antioxidant

Rose Hip Extract is rich in vitamin C. Those Antioxidants in vitamin C can override harmful molecules which are produced within our cells and which may cause tissue damage or disease.

Rose Hip Extract Benefits

Help lose weight

Studies show that people taking Rose Hip Extract regularly, their overall body fat fell, and was particularly pronounced in the abdominal region and Rose Hip Extract can inhibit the action of two different enzymes, which are central to the digestive process and break down starchy foods into more accessible glucose before it enters the bloodstream.

Rose Hip Extract Benefits

Support immune system

Rose Hip are rich in Vitamin C, which is one of the most popular supplements for warding off coughs and colds in the winter months.

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