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ACE Biotechnology Launches New Cognition Ingredient - Trigonelline

ACE Biotechnology Launches New Cognition Ingredient - Trigonelline

ACE Biotechnology is proudly launching high-concentrate hashtagTrigonelline from hashtagFenugreek Extract, which is manufactured by our unique and patent-based technology.

Trigonelline-rich plant extract is a new and hot hashtagcognition supplement ingredient. Recent scientific study results have shown:
-      trigonelline is capable to diminish LPS-induced cognitive (hashtaglearning & hashtagmemory) decline via suppression of hashtaghippocampal oxidative stress and inflammation and appropriate modulation of NF-κB/TLR4 and AChE activity;
-      trigonelline pretreatment in Aβ model of hashtagAlzheimer disease could improve cognition and is capable to alleviate neuronal loss through suppressing oxidative stress, astrocyte activity, and inflammation and also through preservation of mitochondrial integrity;
-      trigonelline might be considered as a potential therapeutic compound for ameliorating cognitive aging and neuroinfammation-related CNS dysfunctions.

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