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Schisandra Extract
schisandra extract
schisandra extract
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Schisandra Extract

Schisandra is native to northern China. The fruit is eaten as food and is also used to make medicine. The schisandra extract is considered an adaptogen, which is a class of natural substances that is believed to stimulate the body’s resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors. Schisandra can also improve liver function and might increase energy, which can improve endurance and coordination.

Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Schisandra Extract

  • Product Name: Schisandra Extract
  • Botanical Name :Schisandra Chinensis
  • Used Plant: Fruit
  • Appearance: Fine Yellow to Light Brown
  • Active Ingredients: Schisandrins
  • Application: Function Food
  • Certification and Qualification: Non-GMO, Vegan, HALAL, KOSHER.
Schisandra Extract Available Specification

Schisandra Extract Available Specification

  • Schisandra Extract 1%~9% Schisandrins

  • Customized

Schisandra Extract Benefits

Schisandra Extract Benefits

Lose Fat

Our liver is a very important organ in the fat burning process. It can turn the fatty acids into ketones which can then be used by our brain and body for fuel. Schisandra can treat poor liver function and liver disease, so Schisandra can help lose fat.

Schisandra Extract Benefits

Reduce Blood Pressure and Improve Heart Conditions

Schisandra increases an enzyme called endothelial nitric oxide synthase(eNOS), which is responsible for converting circulating Arginine into Nitric Oxide(NO2). NO2 relaxes the blood vessels and allows more blood to flow around our body, delivering more nutrients and removing more waste.

Schisandra Extract Benefits

Good for Sexual Function

The Cortisol in Schisandra under control allows for better sexual function because of the strong relationship between testosterone and other sex hormones with cortisol.

Schisandra Extract Benefits

Boost Immune System

Studies show that Schisandra help prevent and even reduce the symptoms of the common cold. It is also full of natural antioxidants which help prevent our cells from rapidly deteriorating and aging, including our immune system.

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