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Natural Ingredients for Health Industries

Natural Ingredients for Health Industries

Natural Ingredients for Health Industries

Recently, people pay more attention to their health than before. They wish to supplement their diet, relieve their pain, control the diseases, benefit their skin or hair, etc., by taking the most effective natural ingredients by the easiest way, such as taking few pills, or drinking some beverages. They want to maximize the benefits and minimize the hazard. That’s why natural ingredients being applied in Dietary Supplement, Function Food & Beverage, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, and Animal Feed. 

ace biotechnology is a premium botanical extract supplier specializing in providing high quality natural ingredients such as sophora japonica flower extract, botanica green tea extract and organic sea buckthorn juice powder to various industries.

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Natural Ingredients in Dietary Supplement

Dietary Supplement

People are not fulfilled with the nutrition of daily diet, so they take Dietary Supplement, getting the nutrients by taking a pill, capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid. The supplement can be extracted from natural ingredients, such as Turmeric Root and Fenugreek Seed to supplement the according to nutrients.
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Botanical Extracts in Function Food & Beverage Insductries

Function Food & Beverage

Function Food & Beverage are marketed to highlight specific product ingredients or supposed health benefits. You can get advice based on the functions you want, such as Mulberry Leaf Extract for adjusting blood glucose and Goji Berry Extract nourishing and improving eyesight.
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Botanical Extracts in Animal Feed

Animal Feed

People care for their health, demanding meat and animal products from animals fed more natural diets, without antibiotics and synthetics and they care for their pet’s health. Natural ingredients, such as Fenugreek Extract and Eucommia Leaf Extract can boost immunity, promote animal growth, prevent and control animal diseases, etc.
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Botanical Extracts For Cosmetics

Cosmetic & Personal Care

People all over the world search for beauty and they want to use the most effective and safest way, so they add natural ingredients such as Olive Leaf Extract, Rosemary Extract, and Grape Seed Extract. They are all rich in antioxidants.
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Sports Supplements & Lifestyle Nutrition

Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition

You may take some Protein Powder when doing exercise. How about adding some natural ingredients to give your Protein Powder enhanced performance. We have some recommended products, especially for Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, or you can just contact us. We will give you the solutions.
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