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Organic Spinach Powder
bulk organic spinach powder
organic spinach juice powder bulk
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Organic Spinach Powder

Organic spinach juice powder bulk is made from spinach, spinach is believed to come from Persia, according to Arizona State University. The organic spinach powder bulk arrived in China by the seventh century and reached Europe in the mid-13th century, according to The Agricultural Marketing Research Center. For some time, the English referred to it as the "Spanish vegetable" because it came through Spain via the Moors. Organic spinach juice powder bulk may help maintain good vision, support energy levels, support heart health, and support healthy bones.

Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Organic Spinach Powder Bulk

  • Product Name: Organic Spinach Powder
  • Botanical Name :Spinacia Oleracea
  • Used Plant Part: Leaf
  • Appearance: Fine Green Powder
  • Application: Function Food & Beverage
  • Certification and Qualification: USDA NOP, Non-GMO, Vegan, HALAL, KOSHER.
Organic Spinach Juice Powder Bulk Comparison to Fresh Spinach

Organic Spinach Juice Powder Bulk Comparison to Fresh Spinach

  • Nutrient Concentration: Organic spinach juice powder offers a more concentrated source of nutrients compared to fresh spinach.

  • Convenience: Spinach extract powder form allows for easy storage and longer shelf life compared to fresh spinach.

  • Versatility: Organic spinach extract can be added to a variety of recipes, while fresh spinach is typically used as a vegetable.

  • Portion Control: Organic spinach extract powder allows for precise dosage and portion control, making it convenient for dietary planning.

If you have any interest, you can contact acebio,  a company to provides high-quality organic spinach juice powder, and also a cordyceps sinensis extract manufacturer and organic kale powder manufacturer.

Bulk Spinach Powder Benefits

Bulk Spinach Powder Benefits

May help maintain good vision

The dark green colour of spinach leaves indicates they contain high levels of chlorophyll and health-promoting carotenoids including beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. As well as being anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous, these phytonutrients are especially important for healthy eye sight, helping to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Bulk Spinach Powder Benefits

May support energy levels

Spinach has long been regarded as a plant which can restore energy, increase vitality and improve the quality of the blood. There are good reasons for this, such as the fact that spinach is rich in iron. This mineral plays a central role in the function of red blood cells which help transport oxygen around the body, supports energy production and DNA synthesis. However, high levels of a compound called oxalic acid, naturally found in spinach, appears to inhibit the absorption of minerals like iron; that said, lightly cooking or wilting appears to minimize these effects.

Bulk Spinach Powder Benefits

May support heart health

Spinach, like beetroot, is naturally rich in compounds called nitrates; these may help improve blood flow and pressure by relaxing the blood vessels, reducing arterial stiffness and promoting dilation. A reduction in blood pressure helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Studies suggest that nitrate-rich foods, like spinach, may also help heart attack survival.

Bulk Spinach Powder Benefits

May support healthy bones

Spinach extract powder is an excellent source of vitamin K as well as being a source of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients are important for maintaining bone health.

FAQs of Organic Spinach Juice Powder Bulk
Is organic spinach powder good for you?

Yes, organic spinach powder is nutritious. It retains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants of fresh spinach. It offers convenience for adding nutrients to smoothies or dishes. However, it might lack some fiber compared to whole spinach. Organic ensures fewer pesticide residues. Incorporate it into a balanced diet for health benefits.

How much spinach powder per day?

Start with 1-2 teaspoons of spinach powder per day. Gradually increase to avoid digestive discomfort. Consider nutrient intake from other sources too. Balance is key for health benefits. Consulting a nutritionist can provide personalized guidance based on your needs and goals.

Is it safe to drink spinach everyday?

Drinking spinach daily can be safe for most people due to its rich nutrients. However, excessive oxalates in spinach might affect kidney stones in susceptible individuals. Varying your diet and including a range of vegetables is wise. If you have specific health concerns, consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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