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Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract
Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract
ACE Biotechnology

Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract

This is a tea for the aficionados, the explorers of flavor, and the seekers of unique experiences. With its robust body and complex flavor profile, our Pu-Erh tea echoes the traditions of Yunnan, China, famous for this very art of tea. Imagine yourself transported to a tranquil tea garden with every sip, with the deepest flavors swirling around your palate.

Our Pu-Erh tea is meticulously picked at its prime and fermented for optimal flavor - a process akin to crafting a fine wine. Its high caffeine content, our highest across all our teas, delivers that invigorating boost, making it an excellent, engaging, and flavorful alternative to coffee.

Basic Information of Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract

  • Product name: Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract
  • Botanical name: Camellia sinensis :Camellia sinensis
  • Used plant part: Leaf
  • Appearance: Fine brown powder with characteristic odour and taste
  • Active Ingredients: EGCG, L-theanine, polyphenols, catechins
  • Application: Function food, tea bag, tea & beverage
  • Certification and Qualification: Vegan, Non-GMO
Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract  Available Specification

Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract Available Specification

  • Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract 15% Polyphenols

Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract Benefits

Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract Benefits

Lowers Cholesterol

The fermentation process that pu-erh undergoes causes lovastatin to develop, a naturally occurring chemical that is used in prescription drugs to lower cholesterol.

Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract Benefits

Aids in Weight Loss

Studies have indicated that the components in Pu-erh help to burn body fat and prevent the body from creating new fat.

Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract Benefits

Helps Digestion

In Chinese culture, pu-erh has been known for centuries to "cut the grease" and help improve digestion after heavy meals. Research confirms that it helps to break down fats and improve the balance of good bacteria in the gut.

Instant Pu-Erh Tea Extract Benefits

Is Reusable

The best part may be that already-brewed pu-erh can be re-steeped and reused several times. Of course, it won't be the same as the first brewing or what you may have come to expect from tea. Sometimes, that can be a good thing.

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