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Fennel Seed Extract
Fennel Seed Extract
ACE Biotechnology

Fennel Seed Extract

Fennel is scientifically known as Foeniculum vulgare. It is native to the Mediterranean coast and Southeast Asia. At present, the fennel has been widely planted in all corners of the world and is mainly used as perfume.

Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Organic Fennel

  • Product Name: Organic Fennel Powder
  • Botanical Name :Foeniculum Vulgare
  • Used Plant Part: Seed
  • Appearance: Fine Light to Yellowish Brown Powder
  • Application: Function Food, Spices
  • Certification and Qualification:USDA NOP, HALAL, KOSHER
Organic Fennel Available Specification

Organic Fennel Available Specification

  • Organic Fennel Seed Extract 10:1

  • Customized

Organic Fennel Benefits

Organic Fennel Benefits

Offer relief from menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea).

Taking Fennel products by mouth seems to improve pain in people with menstrual cramps.

Organic Fennel Benefits

Maintain a healthy heart

A good source of fibre as well as heart-friendly nutrients like potassium and folate, vegetables like fennel may support heart health. ...

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