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ACE Biotech manufactures natural ingredients in GMP/HACCP certified factory with state-of-the-art equipment. The factory is frequently audited by authorities, third-party organizations or our stringent customers.

Quality Control-About IdentiPure™

IdentiPure™ is neither a high-technology nor a fashion, it’s honest to nature. As a professional manufacturer of genuine herbs and botanical extracts, ACE Biotechnology Co.,Ltd adopts and reports a comprehensive science-based identification of the products we offer. We, a professional botanical extract manufacturer, are committed to communicating this identification program to our customers and the industry to expose the adulteration/spiking that exist in our industry today, support our clients in choosing identically approvable and high-quality ingredients for health food and dietary supplement products.

IdentiPure™  identification program includes:  

  • Macroscopic Identification 

  • Microscopic Identification 

  • HPTLC Identification 

  • HPLC fingerprint Identification

IdentiPure™ ingredients are also rigorously tested with harmful/toxic contaminations at our in-house laboratory to ensure the safety and  purity.  

  • Pesticide residues (GC-MS screen & quantification for 281 items) 

  • Solvent residues (GC-HS & FID) 

  • Heavy metals (ICP-MS & AAS) 

  • Aflatoxins (HPLC-FLD on B1, B2, G1, G2) 

  • PAHs (SPE-HPLC-FLD, 15 items)

Quality Assurance

Living with the philosophy and policy of “there is no substitute for quality”, ACE Biotechnology places rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process at every step, from the selection of raw materials to the testing of final products.

For the natural products like herbs and extracts, our quality control involves not only full-item analysis to specifications but also the botanical origin identification, batch-to-batch consistency, and effectiveness potency, which are important factors to our customers who take our ingredients into their products.

As a science-driven company, ACE Biotechnology dedicates its expertise to the innovation of natural ingredients covering the below fields:
  • new product development
  • manufacture technology optimization
  • quality improvement
  • application challenge solution

From information, concept, ingredients to formulation, we aim to deliver value-added service to our customers.

We continually take part in as scholarship sponsor for university students, and closely collaborate with research institutes, authorities and industry experts to extent our technical capability and ensure our R&D works are performed in the most effective way.

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