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Rosemary Extract
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Rosemary Extract

Rosemary extract is a natural extract also referred to by the Rosmarinus officinalis. Rosemary extract powder is rich in bioactive compounds, including rosmarinic acid, carnosic acid, and carnosol, which are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is commonly used as a natural preservative in food products to extend shelf life and prevent lipid oxidation. Additionally, rosemary extract is utilized in cosmetics, dietary supplements, and herbal medicine for its potential health benefits.

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Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Rosemary Extract

  • Product Name: Rosemary Extract
  • Botanical Name :Rosmarinus Officinalis
  • Used Plant Part: Leaf
  • Appearance: Fine Yellowish Brown Powder
  • Active Ingredients: Carnosic Acid, Rosmarinic Acid
  • Application: Function Food & Beverage, Animal Feed, Cosmetic & Personal Care
  • Certification and Qualification: Non-GMO, Vegan, HALAL, KOSHER.
Rosemary Extract Available Specification

Rosemary Extract Available Specification

  • Rosemary Extract Powder, 10~90% Carnosic acid, oil soluble

  • Rosemary Extract Powder, 5~90% Rosmarinic acid, water soluble

  • Rosemary Extract Powder, 25~90% Ursolic acid, oil soluble

Rosemary Extract Benefits

Rosemary Extract Benefits

Ursolic acid

  • Muscle strengthening: prevent muscle atrophy, promoting muscle growth

  • Help loss weight

  • Hypolipidemic and antiatherogenic

  • Liver protection: hepatocyte viability enhancement, anticholestasis

Rosemary Extract Benefits

Carnosic acid

  • Cognition support: promote nerve growth factors, improve memory and relief Alzheimer's syndrome

  • Liver protection: cirrhosis inhibition

  • Anti-diabetic and metabolism syndrome relief

  • Antiviral and anti-inflammatory

  • Antidepressant

Rosemary Extract Benefits

Rosmarinic acid

  • Gout and arthrolithiasis relief: competitive inhibition to xanthine and xanthine oxidase, therefore reduce uric acid

  • Anti-inflammatory and immunity support

  • Antibacterial and antiviral

  • Cardiovascular health: anti-angiogenesis, platelet aggregation inhibitory

  • Antitumor: tumor cell growth inhibition and apoptosis

Rosemary Extract Manufacturer And Supplier

Ace Biotechnology is a reputable manufacturer and supplier specializing in producing high-quality rosemary extract. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier in the industry. Ace Biotechnology works closely with experienced farmers who cultivate rosemary plants using sustainable and organic practices. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we carefully extract the beneficial compounds from rosemary, ensuring the preservation of its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The rosemary extract produced by Ace Biotechnology is renowned for its exceptional quality and versatility, making it an ideal ingredient for food and beverage formulations, natural cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Committed to quality control, we adhere to rigorous standards to ensure our rosemary extract's purity, potency, and consistency. As a reliable manufacturer, Ace Biotechnology offers customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. With our superior rosemary extract, businesses can trust in the quality and effectiveness it brings to our products.

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