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Astragalus Powder/ Cut/ Extract
organic astragalus
Astragalus Powder/ Cut/ Extract
ACE Biotechnology

Astragalus Powder/ Cut/ Extract

Astragalus is scientifically known as Astragalus membrane. The astragalus is mainly produced in mainland China's Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Heilongjiang, and is one of the most commonly used Chinese medicinal herbs on the Chinese mainland.

Basic Information of ACE Biotechnology Organic Astragalus

  • Product Name: Organic Astragalus Powder
  • Botanical Name :Astragalis Membranaceus
  • Used Plant Part: Leaf
  • Appearance: Fine Light Yellow Powder
  • Application: Function Food & Beverage
  • Certification and Qualification: USDA NOP, HALAL, KOSHER
Organic Astragalus Available Specification

Organic Astragalus Available Specification

  • Organic Astragalus Powder

  • Organic Astragalus CS

  • Organic Astragalus TBC

  • Organic Astragalus Extract 10:1

  • Customized

Organic Astragalus Benefits

Organic Astragalus Benefits

Regulate Immune Functions

Astragalus is said to be able to increase the production of immune cells and may also have mild antiviral activity and help with the prevention of colds.

Organic Astragalus Benefits

Be Good for Heart Disease

Astragalus may have a diuretic effect which would lower blood pressure and it may cause blood vessels to relax.

Organic Astragalus Benefits

Promote Strength

Help Boost Strength and Stamina in Athletes and Combat Fatigue in Cancer Patients.

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