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Instant Black Tea Extract Powder
Instant Black Tea Extract
ACE Biotechnology

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder

ACE Biotechnology offers high quality instant black tea powder i.e. powdered black tea extract. Our instant black tea powder is a nod to the traditional taste of tea - bold, robust, and deeply satisfying. Expertly picked tea leaves sourced from Zhangjiajie, a celebrated tea region within Hunan Province, undergo meticulous preparation to safeguard the robust flavor encapsulated within this convenient instant tea powder. It's the perfect morning energizer or a delightful coffee substitute for any time of the day.

Contact ace bio to get a quote of this organic powderd black tea and feel quality start with purity.

Basic Information of Instant Black Tea Extract Powder

  • Certification and Qualification: Vegan, Non-GMO
  • Product name: Instant Black Tea Extract
  • Botanical name :Camellia sinensis
  • Used plant part: Leaf
  • Appearance: Fine dark brown powder with characteristic odour and taste
  • Active Ingredients: EGCG, L-theanine, polyphenols, catechins
  • Application: Function food, tea bag, tea & beverage
Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Available Specification

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Available Specification

  • Instant Black Tea Extract 15% Polyphenols

  • Instant Black Tea Extract 20% Polyphenols

You can purchase from acebio on demand and get quality instant black tea extract with factory direct wholesale prices.

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Benefits

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Benefits

protect the body

Black tea is high in antioxidants, which help to protect the body from free radicals and other damaging toxins. These antioxidants can also help to reduce inflammation and protect against chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Benefits

improve focus, alertness, and concentration

Black tea is also a good source of caffeine, which can help to improve focus, alertness, and concentration. It also helps to increase energy levels, so it can be beneficial for those who need to stay productive or active throughout the day.

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Benefits

improve digestion

Black tea is also believed to help improve digestion and reduce the risk of digestive issues such as constipation and indigestion. This is because it contains compounds known as tannins, which can help to reduce the formation of excess stomach acid and improve digestion. Additionally, black tea may also help to reduce the risk of other gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea.

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Benefits

help to support overall health

Black tea also contains various vitamins and minerals, including manganese, potassium, magnesium, and fluoride. These can help to support overall health, as well as dental health. For example, fluoride is important for healthy teeth and gums, while manganese can help to support bone health. Additionally, potassium can help to regulate blood pressure and protect against heart disease.

Instant Black Tea Extract Powder Manufacturer & Supplier

Our Instant Black Tea Extract Powder– Pure, Delicious, No Fillers or Additives

No false Promises but Honest Guarantee!

We, ACE Biotechnology, Living with the philosophy and policy of “there is no substitute for quality”, places rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process at every step.

The advantages of our instant black tea extract powder:

Indulge in the bold, rich, and robust flavor derived from meticulously chosen tea leaves. 

Simple to prepare, suitable for both hot and cold beverages. 

Guaranteed food-grade quality for your safety and peace of mind. 

Rigorous quality assurance from sourcing to packaging. 

Widely available across global markets.

FAQs of Instant Black Tea Extract Powder
what is black tea powder?

Black tea  powder is made from pure black tea and is high in polyphenols.

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