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ACE Biotechnology Appears Fine Performance in FIC 2021

ACE Biotechnology Appears Fine Performance in FIC 2021

The 24th Food Ingredients China(FIC) was held from June 8th, 2021 to June 10th, 2021. ACE Biotechnology showed ten Botanical Extracts and Edible Fungi as main products and launched an event, tasting special-made drinking that contains Vine Tea and Reishi Mushroom. This special drink, which is good for the liver, was widely praised by the customers and the peers. Besides, ACE Biotechnology adopted the environmentally friendly way of sending the electronic business card and documents, which adds power for reducing the burden of the earth and adding some green for the earth.

FIC 2021 ended successfully. ACE Biotechnology will dedicate itself to becoming our business partners’ first choice that is reliable, innovative, competitive, and continually improving.

ACE Biotechnology looks forward to seeing you in FIC 2022.

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