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ACE Biotechnology in Mulberry Leaf origin place

ACE Biotechnology in Mulberry Leaf origin place

ACE Biotechnology in Mulberry Leaf origin place. Initially, mulberry leaf is the foods for silkworms. As diabetes becomes the second leading cause of DALYs and estimates indicate the burden will continue increasing in the following years, mulberry leaf extract sweeps the world because of its blood glucose control properties.

Mulberry leaf can be harvested from April to October. But ACE Biotechnology only select the 1st ~ 3rd new leaves on the branches in the late period of spring to ensure the best quality starting materials are used to manufacture the extract. Our procurement team visit the origin place of mulberry leaf regularly, deeply connecting themselves with the local partners to develop long-term relationships and to build up in-depth knowledge of the crops and their geographical growing areas.

Available products: Mulberry Leaf Extract 1~10% 1-DNJ

Please feel free to contact us via for more details.

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