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Application of Fenugreek Extract in Pharmaceutical and Health Product Industries

Application of Fenugreek Extract in Pharmaceutical and Health Product Industries


Understanding of Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek extract is made from huluba seeds, and has a brownish powder appearance. It can be used in the pharmaceutical, health products, food and beverage industries.

Huluba is a one-year herbaceous plant of the Leguminous family, with a fragrance throughout. The seeds can be used for medicinal purposes, and the tender stems and leaves can be eaten. The dried stems and leaves seeds can be used as a bakery flavoring agent or animal feed. Huluba is highly adaptable, originating in West Asia, the Middle East and Arab regions. It was introduced to China during the Tang Dynasty and is now widely planted throughout most areas of China. Huluba is also a type of traditional Chinese medicine, widely used during the Tang Dynasty. Its seed is the main component used, and it is characterized by a warm and bitter taste with the ability to invigorate the kidney, dispel coldness, relieve pain and more.

Application of Fenugreek Extract

The main components of Fenugreek extract include Huluba alkaloids, gentianine, papain, p-methoxybenzoic acid, o-methoxybenzoic acid, o-methoxybenzoic acid, potato yam soap glucoside, p-methoxybenzoic acid-7-glucoside, Huluba warriors I/II, saponin and more. According to a report from an industry research center, "Deep Market Research and Investment Strategy Suggestions for Fenugreek Extract from 2022 to 2026," Fenugreek extract can lower blood pressure, glucose and lipids, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, protects the liver and kidney, improves blood circulation, can be used for hypertension, fatty liver disease, gastric ulcer, type II diabetes, chronic renal insufficiency, leukemia, liver cancer, cerebral ischemic injury and other disease treatments.

The preparation method for Fenugreek extract mainly involves drying the seeds of Huluba, crushing them, and using steam distilled water to extract the effective ingredients, creating an extract. Through vacuum concentration, filtering and separation processes, an extract is obtained. Ultrafiltration and nanoporous membrane technology can also be used to extract the active substances in Fenugreek extract, enabling effective ingredients to reach the required concentration, producing high-quality Fenugreek extract.

Research on the application of Fenugreek extract is continuously advancing. Fenugreek extract can increase serum testosterone levels, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and improve physical fitness. It can be used to produce dietary supplements and functional foods for athletes to consume. Moreover, Fenugreek extract can be used to treat refractory constipation, promote lactation in postpartum women, and aid in weight loss.

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