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The Alkylamides and Cichoric Acids In Echinacea Root

The Alkylamides and Cichoric Acids In Echinacea Root

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Many scientific studies have revealed that Alkylamides and Cichoric acids are the key phytochemical contributors to Echinacea's anti-inflammatory & anti-virus properties.

#Alkylamides mainly exist in the root part of #Echinacea, while the aerial parts of this plant contain very little of this important phytochemical compound. It requires a proper climate and geographical environment, and more importantly, enough long growing age (multiple years) to reach a good level of Alkylamides in the root material. That's why it is very hard to obtain really good quality Echinacea root these days.

At ACE Biotechnology we organize Echinacea cultivation and only harvest the root materials after sufficient growth, thus ensuring this medicinal plant contains enough phytotherapy compounds required.

You can taste and feel the strong Alkylamides in our Echinacea root because it is simply characteristic.

Our Echinacea root products are offered in whole, cut & sifted, tea bag cut, raw powder, and extract forms. Contact us via email at for enquires.


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