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AHPA asks US remove tariffs on Chinese herbs.

AHPA asks US remove tariffs on Chinese herbs.

The American Herbal Products Association(AHPA) is asking US remove the retaliatory tariffs on Chinese products used in the herbal and dietary supplements industries.

AHPA holds the view that this action has increased the cost of herbal products and reduce the availability of products containing ingredients from China, which result in exacerbating economic hardship at home instead of the stated retaliating against China technology transfer and property practices.

U.S. manufactures and marketers using Chinese herbs have no choice but to increase prices and thus take the risk of sales losses because of the heavy tariffs on most herbs and botanicals from China are up to 25%. This affects hundreds of different commodity types and even small business. Hence, many people were faced with the problem of unemployment.

Some people may think the sources are alternative, however, most of the herbs and botanicals imported form China are only grown in China.

This is the second time AHPA has submitted calling for the removal of tariffs. AHPA hopes for greater common-sense reforms. It would relieve both consumers and businesses.

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