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The Role of Rose Flower Powder and How to Consume It

The Role of Rose Flower Powder and How to Consume It

Ⅰ. About rose flower powder

Rose flower powder is made from rose petals that are purified and concentrated by membrane technology and then vacuum freeze-dried. It keeps the nutrients, color effect and other active ingredients of rose intact. Rose flower powder is easily soluble in water, dilute ethanol, insoluble in oil and acetone solvents. Under acidic conditions, the aqueous solution is purplish-red and stable in hue. Rose flower powder is a rose-red powder substance, it is different from the usual granular pollen people eat, this pollen is people collect fresh rose petals, after drying and processing and then grinding the powdered ingredients, it retains the rich nutrients in the fresh rose, can benefit the qi and blood can also activate the blood to regulate menstruation, people eat it after the body has many benefits, the efficacy of rose flower powder and consumption methods How much do you know about it?

Ⅱ. The efficacy and role of rose flower powder

1. Blood regulating menstruation. rose flower powder is a mild health food, blood regulating is its main effect, women in the menstrual period to consume some rose flower powder, can speed up blood circulation in the body and can benefit the blood, can prevent women from menstrual disorders due to blood stagnation, more women to menstruation when the face dull yellow and weakness is quickly reduced.

2. Strengthen the spleen and stomach. It can repair the damaged gastric mucosa and prevent irritating substances from causing harm to the human gastrointestinal tract, in addition to improving the function of the spleen and stomach, relieving the weakness of the spleen and stomach, and providing some relief to the abdominal pain and indigestion that often occurs in humans.

3. De-stress the liver and relieve depression. People consume rose flower powder can also absorb a certain amount of essential oils, this essential oil can regulate human emotions, can prevent frustration and grief, and other negative emotions can also regulate human mood, soothe the nerves, can make human tension as soon as possible, it has a particularly obvious effect on human discomfort caused by liver discomfort relief.

Ⅱ. The consumption method of rose flower powder

Rose flower powder is particularly simple to consume, each time you need to take 10 to 15 grams of rose flower powder, put it in a clean glass, add the right amount of boiling water, and then eat directly or you can put the right amount of honey or sugar to taste. rose flower powder can also be put in some milk, soy milk and other beverages together with consumption, which also allows the body to absorb and use the nutrients in rose flower powder as soon as possible.

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