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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable VS Fruit and Vegetable Powder

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable VS Fruit and Vegetable Powder

Although the fruit and veggie powder is super delicious, highly nutrient, you may still have the question is fruit and vegetable powder as healthy as fresh fruit and vegetable?


Before we figure out this question, we should first of all know what organic fruit and vegetable powders are. Fruit and vegetable powders are the end product after freeze-dried or dehydrated and grounding. At Ace Biotech, nothing is added or taken away except water during these processes, which means the essential antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and fiber have been actually preserved! As the powder is concentrated, the nutritional value is even higher!


The best case scenario is to pick off the fruit and vegetable and enjoy them right away while most of us can not realize it. However, we can lock the nutrients for 2 years if we make them into powder.


ACE Biotechnology, a professional botanical extract manufacturer, promises we bring you the freshest, most nutrient fruit and vegetable as possibly as we can!  

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