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Applications of Botanical Extract

Applications of Botanical Extract

The applications of botanical extracts include food, additives, special food and function food, daily chemicals and cosmetics, natural pigments in formula granules and API, natural sweeteners and plant essential oils, etc.

1. Botanical Extracts Used as Natural Pigments

Using the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of widely planted plants as the initial raw materials, extracting with appropriate solvents, and preparing color organic matter through separation. Using refining and drying processes, this type of organic matter is called botanical extracts of natural pigments. At present, there are more than 40 main natural pigments on the market, such as capsorubin, gardenia yellow, curcumin, etc.

2. Botanical Extracts Used as Botanical Essential Oils

Botanical essential oils are a class of aromatic oily liquids extracted from plants. There are more than 3,000 known plant essential oils, of which about 300 have important commercial value. In addition to being used as a fragrance, botanical essential oil is also a class of natural antibacterial material. It can inhibit bacteria, fungi and viruses because of its aroma and antibacterial activity. Botanical essential oils are widely used in areas such as daily chemicals (perfume, cosmetics, hand creams, soaps, air fresheners, antiseptics, etc.), medicines, food and beverages, feed (such as oregano oil), pest control and so on.

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