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What Are the Effects of Ginseng Extract?

What Are the Effects of Ginseng Extract?

What are the benefits of ginseng extract? Ginseng is a traditional medicinal plant with a long history of application in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. China Siberian ginseng extract powder contains saponins, ginsenosides, essential oils, polyacetylene alcohols, peptides, vitamins and polysaccharides, which have various beneficial pharmacological effects, such as anti-cancer, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, anti- Stress and immunomodulatory activity.

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1. Ginseng extract is a magic medicine for boosting immunity

Stress can cause emotional tension and lead to various diseases. Long-term and severe stress will reduce the body's resistance, and even suffer serious damage, such as degeneration of adrenal function, weakened immunity, gastric ulcer, mental exhaustion, etc.

2. Ginseng extract has anti-fatigue, nourishing and strong effects

A large number of experimental studies in modern times have confirmed that ginseng can improve human brain and physical strength. Ginseng can promote the conversion of lactic acid into pyruvic acid by enhancing the ability of glycolysis to provide new energy for muscle activity, relieve fatigue and increase physical strength.

3. The effect of ginseng extract on cardiovascular

Ginseng can strengthen the contraction and relaxation of the heart, improve the state of heart failure, relax the smooth muscle of blood vessels, and stimulate blood circulation. Some studies have also pointed out that ginsenosides can increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood and promote the expansion of smooth muscles, which can be used to treat cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases.

4. The effect of ginseng extract on glucose metabolism

Modern medicine has confirmed that ginseng has the effect of lowering blood sugar, but it can also increase hypoglycemia, which has a two-way regulation effect. The effect of ginseng on experimental diabetes, in addition to ginsenoside Rb2, ginseng polysaccharides and polyglycosides also have the effect of lowering blood sugar, these substances have complex effects on the sugar metabolism of normal and various diabetic animals, and have a regulating effect on blood sugar concentration, normalize the disordered metabolic process, to improve the condition of diabetes. For high-quality ginseng extract, you might want to explore options from a siberian ginseng extract supplier.

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